ACCT 444 DeVry Course Project (All 7 Parts)

Integrated Case Application—Pinnacle Manufacturing″>Background Material|″>Part 1—Problem 8-40 (Due Week 3, 40 points)|″>Part 2—Problem 9-37 (Due Week 4, 40 points)|″>Part 3—Problem 10-43 (Due Week 4, 40 points)|″>Part 4—Problem 11-34 (Due Week 5, 40 points)|″>Part 5—Problem 14-34 (Due Week 5, 40 points)|″>Part 6—Problem 15-35 (Due Week 6, 40 points)|″>Part 7—Problem 16-35 (Due Week 7, 40 points)|″>Grading Rubrics|″>Best Practices

A critical skill required of auditors is teamwork. Auditors do not work individually; firms assign teams of auditors to work on an audit or a portion of an audit. Learning the dynamics of teamwork should, therefore, be part of an auditing course. Many students dislike team projects because they feel, in many instances, that the workload is not shared, or that extra time is spent in team meetings. Personality clashes with team members also make for an unpleasant experience. In our online environment, many of these concerns are addressed. Meetings are conducted in a discussion area, in the same manner that our discussions are. This creates an audit trail, where the instructor can see the group’s interaction and the role that each member plays. There are no required meeting times, so the project can be worked around each member’s schedule. Finally, each student will complete an evaluation of the here work of other team members, as part of the assessment. You were assigned to your group through a random selection process.

Use the appropriate Dropboxes to submit your portion of the group’s project, along with the confidential evaluation report. All documents are in ACCT444DeVryCourseProject Doc Sharing in the pull down menu course project files. Submit your assignment to the Dropbox located on the silver tab at the top of this page. For instructions on check here how to use the Dropbox , read these

See the Syllabus section “Due Dates for Assignments & Exams” for due date information.

Background Material

The Case Study is presented at the end of seven chapters in your textbook: Chapters 8, 9, 10, 11, 14, 15, and 16. Your group is to complete all seven parts.

The worksheets for the group project can be downloaded–”>this link .

A meeting room has been set up for your group. Please go to the team meeting area. You should use this meeting area to discuss strategy, delegate assignments, discuss class material and its application, and to help the team solve problems. Individual participation is required, and the meeting room helps establish evidence of each member’s participation. The meeting room is monitored by the instructor, but the instructor is not the discussion leader. Each group will decide how the workload is to be divided between the members. You may wish to designate one member as a lead person for the overall project, designate a lead person for each part of the project, or use any method that the group decides on. Here is–Team_Work.docx”>articlethat may assist you in conducting your group project.

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